Quickfill for payment amount and Memo no longer working

Yes, I know this feature was removed in the last version, but why remove features that are VERY important and a major part of why we use Quicken? Haven't these features been there for 5 years or longer? Why can't you give us a configuration that gives us a choice instead of removing them? It is very important to me that the last payment amount for a payee be autofilled. As an example autofilling the last payment amount allows me to see if a monthly bill has gone up or how much I paid on an installment in the previous month. I depend on the Memo field to autofill with the last value as well. I'll put reminders in the memo field such as "Check for Late Fees" or "Subscription Expires in 2 Months". If I can't trust Quicken to not remove features that I depend on, then why am I using Quicken?

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