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Quicken Mac suddenly not automating amount entry from previous months

Mark Carlson
Mark Carlson Member ✭✭
My favorite thing about Quicken has always been that I'd enter a payee or income source in my bank account or credit card account, and the amount last paid automatically would appear. All of a sudden, as of today, 2/3/20, this no longer happens. I am having to reenter the amounts from scratch, and it's driving me crazy. What a time waster! Why doesn't Quicken work like it always has in this regard? Is this considered an improvement somehow? If so, I do not understand how it is at all.

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  • jgreenkee88
    jgreenkee88 Member ✭✭
    Mine resets the amount due each month to the entire balance EVERY.SINGLE. TIME. I have to reset the amount due each month each time it's downloaded into the register. Total waste of time!
  • Mark Carlson
    Mark Carlson Member ✭✭
    Ugh! How frustrating! I wonder why a computer program is so inconsistent!
  • Mark Carlson
    Mark Carlson Member ✭✭
    Aha! Thank you so much for this information. This change came out of the blue for me, and it was/is quite frustrating. Yesterday, I had to enter information for a pension deposit I receive monthly, and it and its various split entries are exactly the same each month—that is, after a slight change as of January 1. I had to correct the information each of three times. I truly hope they will correct this soon.

    Again, thank you!

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Mark Carlson For transactions which have static information -- memos and amounts that don't change from month to month -- you can make them a QuickFill transaction right now with. Go to Window > Payees & Rules, click on the QuickFill Rules tab, and see if a rule exists for the Payee already. If so, you can edit it to add the memo and/or amount; if not, you can create a new rule. The next time you use this payee, all the information in your QuickFill rule will be entered automatically.

    If you instead want Quicken to auto-populate the memo and/or amount from the latest previous transaction for a Payee, as it used to do, this is something you'll have to wait for until the next release.
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