Is there a way to reconstruct or recreate the payee list?

I have been using Quicken since 1989. The report for a payee shows no transactions when I click the report icon at the end of the payee line in the register. This is happening for all payees that have been added in the last 5 years. The icon will produce a correct report for my old payees. These payee's names don't show on the customize report payees tab, so I can't deselect them from a report . I consulted support long time ago and no solution was offered. Validating, restoring old files, etc. does not work. I see that several persons have complained about this, but a solution has not been offered.


  • q_lurker
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    Is there a way?  No.  While there might have been a distinct 'Payee List' back in the beginning, I don't believe there is one now. 

    I will call you attention to the help associated with the Report customization associated with Payees (emphasis added):

    What if I don't see the payee I want in the Customize dialog?

    When you create one of the reports grouped by payee, Quicken displays a Choose Payee button that you can click to select different payees to display in the report. Clicking this button opens the Payee tab of the Customize dialog which, by default, displays the payees used in the transactions for the last three years. If the payee you want isn't in the list, at the top of the Customize dialog, in the Date range field, select a date range that covers more than three years. Then try searching the list in the Payee tab again. 

    I am not convinced the larger date field specification expands the list, but I have not tested in depth.  

    I don't know if any of that carries over to your inability to get reports via the icon on the Payee field.  A quick test on my data suggests it might. 

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    None of the payees created after 2013 are in the list. I can not deselect them to remove them from a report. I can filter by their name if I select all payees and then filter by its name. In the register, the report icon will not populate a report of them, regardless of how often I use them. The report icon in the memorized payee list produces a report.
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    If you haven't already, I suggest you save a backup (press Ctrl + B) and rebuild the Memorized Payee List (press Ctrl + Shift and select Tools > Memorized Payee List).
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