Why is Split Transfer Bill Reminders not supported in Quicken 2020

In earlier versions of Quicken there was a method to Create a Split Transfer Reminder from my bank account. How can a Split Transfer Reminder be setup in Quicken 2020?


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    I've never used Transfer reminders before myself so I can't really comment on that.  But I do successfully set up split transfer reminders by setting up Bill and Income reminders.  Bill and Income reminders give you the ability to enter split categories/transfers.
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    Bill and Income Reminders does not allow split transfers. Only To and From account is shown in 2020. This no different than adding a reminder from the Tools menu. What version are you using as 2020 Ver. R24/14 does not have this option.
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    It sounds like you were trying to set up a Transfer from "Bill and Income Reminders."  I should have been more specific and clarified that I meant "Bill" and "Income" reminders allow for split transactions but "Transfer" reminders do not.
    Try this from the Add menu at the top of the Bill and Income Reminders screen:
    1)  Add-->Bill-->Manual.  This will bring up the "Add Bill Reminder" pop-up.
    2)  In this pop-up, enter the "Pay to" and click "Next".
    3)  Enter the "Due Next On", "Amount Due" and "From Account" information. "From Account" would be your bank account.  (If you want to review or make changes to the recurring bill reminder parameters, click on "change" to the right of the date.  You can also change this from a recurring bill to a one-time bill by clicking on "change".)
    5)  Click on "Add category, tag or memo" beneath "From Account".
    6)  To the right of the category field in this new pop-up is a "Y" on its side.  Click on that "Y".
    7)  Now you can enter split categories (including transfers) and dollar amounts.  Then click "OK" and "OK" to get back to the "Add Bill Reminder" pop-up.
    8)  Make any changes to "Optional Settings" that you want and then click "Done".
    Let me know if this works for you.
    (BTW, I am a QW 2020 user using version R24.14, also.)
  • apodsimapodsim Member ✭✭
    The transaction is a Bill Payment with Two account categories setup to take advantage of 6, 12 or 24 month differed interest. Using the procedure you clearly defined, worked with the key being selection of a "Manual" reminder. After creating the split payment transaction when I try to "Link to reminder" for a On-line bill to the newly created split transaction and it was not listed. I had to use the On-line bill/Create a new Reminder/Add category to complete the link. I do not remember seeing the category option when I last created a reminder linked to a On-line bill. Perhaps creating a manual bill reminder made the change in Quicken.

    Thanks for the direction. :) :)
  • BoatnmaniacBoatnmaniac Member ✭✭✭✭
    Great!  I should have included the Online Bill reminder as an option but since I didn't I'm glad you figured that out for yourself.
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