Report of Noncovered Shares (Inventory)

Does anyone know how to generate a report of a Mutual Fund that shows the number of shares still in inventory that are non covered (the shares/lots that remain and were acquired before 1/1/2011). I generated a report of the MF, but it only displays transactions before 1/1/2011. It does not aggregate transactions after that date and subtract them according to FIFO rules.


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    You can show and print all the lots currently held by grouping an Investing > Portfolio view by Account and clicking on the plus sign next to the security, but I don't know of a way short of exporting to Excel to limit this display to lots purchased before 1/1/11. 

    If you have not sold any non covered shares since 1/1/11. you could set the As of date to 12/31/10 and see everything you held at that time.
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    Creatively -- if you start a transaction to sell all shares of the fund and move to the Specify Lots option, that should be showing you only the lots currently left in your holdings, but will have them identified by date purchased.  If you work from the bottom, most recent, back to 12/31/10, the tabulation will show you the total number of shares to sell (all of them) and the shares you've already selected (the covered shares).  The difference would be the non-covered shares.  

    No way I know of to get that info to print -- short of entering it and getting a cap gains report and then working on that report.

    Don't save the transaction!  Or be working on a copy.

    If you are operating on a pure FIFO basis, You should be able to get a report on all shares bought before 1/1/2011, and a second report on all shares sold all time (all Sell or remove transactions).  If the sales exceed the early buys, all your current shares are now covered.  If the sales are less that the early purchases, the difference is what remains in the non-covered grouping.     
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    Options is what I did: Run a report in QW to spreadsheet for all transactions up to 1/1/12 (my date was incorrect above). That report had a positive share balance, since all sales were noncovered shares since 1982. Then I ran a report from 1/1/12, than included only share sales, soldx, removal actions. This report summed to a negative number. The net of the two was a positive share number that represents the number of shares still remaining in the account from before 1/1/12.
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