Ability to track mortgage principal in report and budgets

Please please fix this. Budgets are not accurate if the Principal cannot be listed in the budget or reports. I have 4 loans that are downloaded and updated automatically. Four loans I cannot track the principal on.


  • jacobs
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    This is a longstanding issue, and there are dozens of posts about this on this site. the issue is that payment of loan principal is a transfer between an asset and a liability, not an expense. But Quicken recognizes that users need a way to do certain things on a cash flow basis, so you can now get this to work for reports using the recently added "Advanced" tab in reports customization. Similar functionality has been promised for, but does not yet exist for, budgets.
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  • jhirizarry
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    Thanks for the quick response on this. I read many posts about it but did not see one specifically about the Advanced feature in reports. That will help! Thank you!!
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