Quicken Release 24.14 extremely slow performance (edited for readability)

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Along with many others, I began experiencing slowness back in December 2019.

A forum article recommended downloading and installing a Mondo Patch and disabling animation. I did that and performance returned to normal.

I believe a new patch was delivered in late January 2020; I'm guessing it was the GA of the patch I had previously installed.

At any rate, performance has been very poor since about January 27, 2020.
It can take 20-40 seconds to add or modify a single transaction.
It takes 10+ minutes to create a backup copy of my Quicken files on my own computer and about the same to sync to the Quicken cloud.

According to the "Check for Updates" link, I already have the latest update, 24.14.

Suggestions for next steps?

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  • Osiris43
    Osiris43 Member ✭✭
    It took 2 passes with super-validation, both of which turned up some corrupted transactions that had to be deleted and re-created but performance is now back to normal.
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