Need to download Quicken.

We are partnters with Intuit and I need to download a version of Quicken. Please advise.

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    Quicken hasn't been owned by Intuit in quite a few years. I believe you'll need to purchase a copy from Quicken.

    Even though Intuit doesn't own Quicken any more they still provide the connectivity services for the financial institutions.  As such they may still be providing accounts for downloading current versions of Quicken for their partners.

    For the regular customers with a subscription they can download the current version using a link in their accounts.

    I can see how this might be the same for Intuit partners, but of course you would need to credentials to do such a download.

    I think you need to contact Intuit to ask about this:
    I'm not sure what "support link" you would use on your site.

    I guess it might also be possible that Quicken Inc's support could point you at the right contact information.
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