Is there a way to determine if a copy of Quicken on a disc has been installed.

I wish to purchase a copy of Quicken from someone online. They do not know if the software had been installed and registered before. Is there a way to determine if that has happened short of installing it and trying to register it?


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    What year / version of Quicken for Windows have you purchased?
    I believe, the exact answer depends on us knowing the year number. Over the years, the registration process has changed.
  • Quicken deluxe 2017.
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    There is no "registry" of "software serial number" with Quicken.  Before subscription Quicken, to be truthful, one person could buy a copy of Quicken and everyone in their neighborhood could install and run it successfully as long as each had a Quicken Id (QID) which you can get by just logging into the Quicken website.
    With the start of subscription Quicken, it comes with an activation code which establishes that QID as a valid licensee of a level (Starter, Deluxe, etc) of Quicken for a given length of time.  The code is only needed once to establish that relationship and is then "dead" and un-usable by anyone else.  So, you have to be careful when buying subscription Quicken from third party sellers.
    So, with Quicken 2017, you are safe, you just don't know if that CD was used, not used, or even stolen and there isn't really anyway of knowing.  Let your conscience be your guide on this one.
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    Hi @Hoffiegph ,

    Quicken 2017 must be installed by April 29, 2020, to avoid jumping through hoops to install the product.

    See this procedure:
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