I would like to get rid of need to use Password for the vault. It has been a problem

Please tell me how to remove the requirement for the Vault


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    I need to talk with someone
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    That is not possible with Quicken and it is a good idea.  You are entrusting the Quicken program with your financial institution's passwords and they take that seriously and encrypt that information and protect it with a password.
    What you are suggesting/asking would be against a sound cyber security policy.
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    Hi @sbodea43 ,

    Yes, it is possible, not to use the Password Vault at all. Just use Quicken, in manual mode, only.

    Or if you like to use Quicken to download transactions, simply remember all your Bank's Logins and enter them manually and don't save the logins to the Password Vault.

    But, if you want to save your passwords to the Password Vault, you need to have a Vault Password.
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