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Bug: New category summary report won't list transactions for a tag

John KeatingJohn Keating Member ✭✭
I create a brand new checking account, then add one or more transactions with the tag "18th" (without the quotes). When I generate a category summary report and set rows to display tags, the correct total appears for that tag. But when I click on the balance to open a detail window, no transactions appear.

I first discovered this error in an account with lots of custom tags. When I click on the balance detail for that same tag, it actually displays the detail for a completely different tag ("Ontario"). I assume these problems are related since they're so similar.

This problem has existed for at least the last several Quicken versions.

Version 5.14.3 (Build 514.31897.100)
macOS 10.15.3

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  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you using the actual report on the menu called "Category Summary"? If so, don't. It's one of the old reports that were developed for the predecessor Quicken Essential program a decade ago, and it has some known bugs that cause some data to be omitted. The developers will sometime soon remove this old Category Summary report from the program -- but don't wait for them. Instead, use the Create Transactions Report or Create Summary Report menu options to build your report.
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  • John KeatingJohn Keating Member ✭✭
    Hi jacobs - I'm using the newest report, accessed by Create Summary Report menu item. I can easily reproduce this problem using the steps I mentioned above: 1) creating an empty dummy checking account, 2) adding one or more transactions with the tag "18th", 3) generating a new Create Summary Report showing rows as tags, then clicking on the total for that tag to open a detail window. It should list my transactions but will be empty instead.
  • John KeatingJohn Keating Member ✭✭
    edited February 19
    @jacobs Thanks jacob - I expected it had to do with the numeric digits so glad to see you were able to repro. I just wanted Quicken to be aware of the problem as it probably also affects other tag-related searches too. I forgot that Quicken has the built-in bug reporter so I'll file a report on it as well.

    It's interesting because in my Quicken account, the drill-down will actually display transactions with a DIFFERENT tag than the one I'm clicking on, so it's selection algorithm is clearly confused.
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