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Bug: New category summary report won't list transactions for a tag

John Keating
John Keating Member ✭✭
I create a brand new checking account, then add one or more transactions with the tag "18th" (without the quotes). When I generate a category summary report and set rows to display tags, the correct total appears for that tag. But when I click on the balance to open a detail window, no transactions appear.

I first discovered this error in an account with lots of custom tags. When I click on the balance detail for that same tag, it actually displays the detail for a completely different tag ("Ontario"). I assume these problems are related since they're so similar.

This problem has existed for at least the last several Quicken versions.

Version 5.14.3 (Build 514.31897.100)
macOS 10.15.3

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  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Are you using the actual report on the menu called "Category Summary"? If so, don't. It's one of the old reports that were developed for the predecessor Quicken Essential program a decade ago, and it has some known bugs that cause some data to be omitted. The developers will sometime soon remove this old Category Summary report from the program -- but don't wait for them. Instead, use the Create Transactions Report or Create Summary Report menu options to build your report.
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  • John Keating
    John Keating Member ✭✭
    Hi jacobs - I'm using the newest report, accessed by Create Summary Report menu item. I can easily reproduce this problem using the steps I mentioned above: 1) creating an empty dummy checking account, 2) adding one or more transactions with the tag "18th", 3) generating a new Create Summary Report showing rows as tags, then clicking on the total for that tag to open a detail window. It should list my transactions but will be empty instead.
  • John Keating
    John Keating Member ✭✭
    edited February 2020
    @jacobs Thanks jacob - I expected it had to do with the numeric digits so glad to see you were able to repro. I just wanted Quicken to be aware of the problem as it probably also affects other tag-related searches too. I forgot that Quicken has the built-in bug reporter so I'll file a report on it as well.

    It's interesting because in my Quicken account, the drill-down will actually display transactions with a DIFFERENT tag than the one I'm clicking on, so it's selection algorithm is clearly confused.
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