One Step Update problems after R25.10 update

Dan Clarke
Dan Clarke Member ✭✭
Hi there, I recently had a Quicken software update to 25 (I think..I'm not right at my PC)...however post software update, my one step update is pretty much broken except for the one account I use Direct Connect with.

The majority of the accounts I have are showing CC-800, and some are CC-555 and CC-506.

The support remedy for CC800 is to deactivate, validate and reactivate but where its every account I have that is generating some error I was wondering if it was something else and seeing if this is a "just me" problem or some systematic issue.

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  • Even though the PROCESS of One Step Update occurs and completes, there are no actual updates to any of my numerous accounts for the last 6 days. (including my Regular Checking account which is the most fluid account, with changes occuring daily). (Has operated flawlessly for a long time until now. Note: Quicken did apply an update to version R25.10 Build ) Thanks, Paul
  • Dan Clarke
    Dan Clarke Member ✭✭
    Yeah, when I click the "fix now" button it says its fixed but no transactions are downloaded. And then when I do OSU again, i get the error loop.
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