Issues resulting from February 2020 patch for Quicken Delux 2019

Ever since I downloaded the latest update for Quicken I have been experienced several issues: (1) Upon opening Quicken the password box appears along with the Intuit sign-in page. When I enter my password the file used to open instantly. Now, a little blue ball spins while I wait 30-45 seconds for the Intuit sign-in page to disappear and for Quicken to open. (2) When I attempt to download may bank and credit card accounts the time frame is now much longer than previously. Reconciling the files also takes longer than previously.

The antidote I found on this site was to open my setup preferences and to uncheck animations. That has proved to be a useless fix. In fact, it changed nothing. Neither did using the validate and repair option from file operations. Now what?


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    Not a solution, but an observation.
    If you check Help->About Quicken, you will find that your installation of Quicken now shows it to be 2020, not 2019.  Under the subscription, updates to the software are continuous unless you prevent them from happening.  So far, under the subscription policy, they change the year in one of the updates in the Fall of the year consistent with when they used to release the next year's version in the past.
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    Hi @""Cary A. Strochan" ,

    Since you mentioned seeing an Intuit sign-in page, I would reinstall Quicken according to this procedure:

    Don't skip a Step.

    You probably have elements of old versions of Quicken in the Registry.
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