Issues resulting from February 2020 patch for Quicken Delux 2019

Ever since I downloaded the latest update for Quicken I have been experienced several issues: (1) Upon opening Quicken the password box appears along with the Intuit sign-in page. When I enter my password the file used to open instantly. Now, a little blue ball spins while I wait 30-45 seconds for the Intuit sign-in page to disappear and for Quicken to open. (2) When I attempt to download may bank and credit card accounts the time frame is now much longer than previously. Reconciling the files also takes longer than previously.

The antidote I found on this site was to open my setup preferences and to uncheck animations. That has proved to be a useless fix. In fact, it changed nothing. Neither did using the validate and repair option from file operations. Now what?


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