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What's the best way to export a file of last years P/L or rents/expenses into Excel? I was able to go into the Tax Schedule and select last year and run a report and export that to Excel; not sure if that is my only option. When i click on an account on the left and then the drop-down and export to Excel I'm not getting any detail i would expect.


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    Have you taken a look at the Tax Summary report?  That report will provide category details but it will be in the Itemized Categories format and not the Tax Schedule format.  I find the Tax Summary report to be much more useful to me than the Tax Schedule report when working on my tax returns.

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    Of the various 'export' options (as now presented int the subscription version of Quicken) I prefer the Copy to Clipboard which I then paste into Excel.  This preference is largely because I can copy the report into an existing Excel file, I can select where in that spreadsheet I can locate the report, and the preexisting formats of the cells I copy into remains as it was.         
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