Quicken Starter - Can I print report with all categories and payees for taxes.

I want to be able to print a report with all categories and the payees for taxes. do I need to upgrade? I have the starter version.


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    Starter Edition CAN print tax reports ... but only for the data contained in it.
    SO, if you started using Q in mid-year, you might not have all of the data.
    And if you have accounts that aren't in Starter, you can't report on those.
    Look in REPORTS, Tax for what your options are.

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    NotACPA said:
    Look in REPORTS, Tax for what your options are.
    Just so people know.  The start edition has two Tax reports.
    Tax Schedule
    Tax Summary

    These in fact should be plenty, I sort of remember those being the only choices in the Deluxe Edition too, but I'm not sure of that, but I used the above two reports for years.
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)
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