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I made a mistake in one of my QDF files(account). I have an external backup system(MARCIUM) and I wanted to go back about a week. So I extracted the QDF file for the backup system from a week ago. Renamed the current QDF file that had the error and proceeded to open Quicken and then did a open file of the one that was a week ago, but the error was still there. Is/Are there other files I should have restored get to the version of a week ago? Or what is the correct process for doing this procedure.


  • thecreator
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    Hi @""John V Tomecek" ,

    Are you doing Manual Backups of your Quicken Data Files? Are you using the Add Date function to the Manual Backups?

    Where are your Manual Backup files, stored?

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    If the error is in your backup file then you may have to restore an earlier backup file.  Or it is something in the Quicken program itself.  What is the mistake you made?

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • I am running Quicken version 2020 version R24.14 build The mistake was deleting a couple of transactions that should not have been deleted. The backups are on an external drive using the Marcium tool and it does a complete backup of the disk which includes all the Quicken files on a weekly basis(sunday morning at 3:00am) with incremental backups everything night at 3:00am. I went back to a the weekly backup and copied the QDF file and then opened Quicken and then opened the QDf file from the backups and the mistake was still there. Do I need other files besides the QDF file from the backups?
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    Depending on the exact timing of when you made the mistake vs. when the backup was actually created, you may have to go back another week or two until you find a file that still has the deleted transactions.
    I'm hoping that you're not overwriting your current-as-of-today data file with the restored backups. Restore to different file names, make a note of what the deleted transactions looked like and manually enter them into the current data file.
  • Yes I am not overwriting files. They are all separate. I'll back a couple of weeks and see if that works. That brings up another question. After I open Quicken and I want to change from one account file to another I click on FILE and at the bottom of the list is the list of all the files. How do you get rid of those listed files that are no longer being used??
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    edited February 2020

    How to remove obsolete File or Backup Path entries from Quicken Menus

    New with Quicken 2018+:
    When selecting a file name from the bottom of the File Menu and the file cannot be found, you will get prompted for an action or if you want to remove the name from the file list.

    Older Quicken versions:

    You can eliminate incorrect or unused Quicken data file names or Backup Path names if you so desire.

    But please be very, very careful when doing it and retain a "before image" backup copy of the .INI file you are about to edit.

    Close Quicken.

    Edit with Notepad or any other ASCII text editor the file
    or "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Intuit\Quicken\config\QUSER.INI" for older Quicken versions. Replace "username" in the path with your Windows account name.

    In this file you will find lines looking similar to these:








    BackupPath4=I:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath3=E:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath2=J:\Quicken Backup\

    BackupPath1=H:\Quicken Backup\

    Do NOT delete any lines from this file!

    Just blank out the name portion after the '=' (equal sign).

    [Recent Files] refers to your current "1=..." data file and 3 previously used ones.

    Do not blank out "1=..." or Quicken will not know which file to start with.

    [RecentBackupPaths] refers to your Manual Backup file paths, "BackupPath1=..." being the most recently used path name.

    Save the changed file.

    Start Quicken.

    Review the results in the File menu for recent data files and/or the Manual Backup menu for Backup paths.

  • Thanks for all the help, I'm back in business .
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