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Just purchased and did new installed Quicken Premier 2017 on a new machine and copied over my existing file. Getting error 'You have exceeded the maximum number of datasets. you cannot create a new dataset or continue...'.

Also, I'm being forced to connect to internet and log in when it starts.

What is going on?


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    also .... What version - .... Help --> About Quicken
    If you are running R25.10 - there are reports of the Quicken Logon screen appearing, but you do not have to Logon - just wait 10secs - it will disappear....
    EDIT - oops - just re-read this ....
    Just purchased and did new installed Quicken Premier 2017

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    I think there is a misconception here (and even Quicken Inc's error messages suggest it).  And that is that you have to sync to the "cloud" to have a "dataset"/cloud account.

    Each each data file you have has an associated dataset on the Quicken servers (a cloud account).  It is used for various things for instance maintaining information about your subscription, Online Bills, Zillow estimate, Credit Score, ... And of course if you use it hold transactions and such for the "cloud sync".

    If you go to Edit -> Preferences -> Cloud Accounts, and you have more than one "dataset"/cloud account you will see this link:

    I never knew that there is a limit to these, but clearly by the error message there is.  If you aren't using these data files you can delete the dataset/cloud account from that link (but not for the one associated with the one you are currently in).

    It would be interesting to know how many you have to know what the limit is.

    On the other hand from your description it sounds like you only have the one data file, and as such there is some kind of problem with your account and the only people that can fix that would be the Quicken support people.

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