Create Custom Report > Payee Tab>Matching Entries Not Working/Saving (Possible BUG)

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So I think there is a possible bug on the following

Create Custom Report > go to the Payee Tab and there are 3 matching Entry Fields (Category, Payee contains, Memo contains). If one put an entry and clicks on another tab then goes back it looses in entry unlike the Tag Tab which has a similar setup but input is saved.

Update - if you put a entry then WITHOUT GOING TO ANOTHER TAB, it seems to work in terms of saving the entry if you go back to editing but it still needs to be fix on the initial edit and save entry when going to another tab.

Need to fix.



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    That is not the behavior I am seeing with QWin Subscription Release 25.10.

    I can fill in the fields for any of those matching criteria and switching the tab carries the filed entry over from the prior selection.

    I do find it odd that sometimes it is a "___ contains" field and on the other tabs it becomes a pull-down field for the same basic field (Category or Payee); Memo is a consistent text field.  I should also point out as a possible factor that there are wildcard options for those fields.  I would think that Matching box should be consistent and inclusive across the three tabs - Category, Payee, and Tag - with all fields allowing the pulldown selection but accepting basic text including wildcards.   
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    If you haven't rebooted Windows since you installed the latest software update, please do so now and then try Quicken again.

    Still not working?

    Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly and that your data file is in good working order.
    Please perform all the steps in this document:
    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

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    Yes I reboot daily and Also have the latest Release 25.10 Home Business and Rental. Tested on two separate computers.

    I have validated file. Did some more checking and NOTICE something Strange and like to know if you have this issue.

    I notice the following on Create Custom Report > go to the Payee Tab and there are 3 matching Entry Fields (Category, Payee contains, Memo contains).

    If one put an entry and click on the Tab Tags (actually any tab but Category Tab) and then go back to Payee Tab I LOOSE DATA INPUT.

    BUT if I put data into one of the 3 fields on Payee Tab and Click Category Tab and then go back it DOES NOT LOOSE DATA INPUT?

    Looks like a BUG!
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    @BRETTB:  I think that is what you said the first time.  I replied that I am not seeing that behavior.  I am not losing the input as I move from one tab to another and back -- among any of the three relevant tabs.  There seems to be something else going on.  

    We both are apparently using Release 25.10.  I suggest you start a new data file for testing purposes and see it it shows the same behavior.  Is it your data file, or your program installation?    
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    There is a bug!. I have the latest version, just checked the following. Two different computers and two different data files. Same Results. One just updated this morning to a later version Also I even created a new data file with nothing in it but created a test bank account. Same Results.

    Please check and follow this section precisely - by the way I'm using a mouse to select/complete entries vs say tab.
    Then did the following Report>Banking Summary>Customized>Payees Tab>put on Payees Contains Field>Test Then select Advance Tab then go back to Payees Tab and input in the Payees Contains Field is Gone!

    It is not retaining input unless after putting the input into the Payees Contains Field and then Selecting Category Tab after the input then it retains it or if one says OK it shows the report then you go back to customize it retains it.
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    OK, I see that too, and it is more general than your example.

    On the Banking Summary report, entries made in any of the Matching boxes on the Payees tab are lost if you switch to any tab but Categories immediately after making them. This may apply to all reports - I see it on the Itemized Categories report as well.
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    I am seeing this a little differently (maybe its different):
    Starting each time with blank fields in all three tabs (working with Banking Transaction report):
    • In Categories tab, enter Payee, Category, and Memo fields -- Entries carry over to Payee and Tags tabs regardless of order
    • In Payees Tab, enter Category, Payee, and Memo fields -- Entries carry over if you next choose Categories tab then Tags tab.  Entries do NOT carry over if you click next on the Tag tab, BUT from original Payee tab, click on Tags tab (blank fields), Categories tab (fields filled), Tags tab (entries filled).
    • In Tags tab, enter Payee and Memo fields -- If you next go to Categories tab, the entries are lost; continuing to either Categories or Tags tabs, the entries remain lost.  If your path is from the original Tags tab with entries to the Payee tab, the entries carry over.  Continuing then to the Categories tab, the Entries still carry over.   [FWIW: Making an entry for the Tags field on the Tags tab seems to remain until you actively delete that entry.  Since the Tags field is not transferred to either other tab, that is really beyond the scope of this discussion.]
    Starting each time with filled in fields in all three tabs rather than blank fields (working with Banking Transaction report), I think I am getting the same behavior.  That is, starting with blank fields is not a required precondition, but it does seem to make the evaluation easier.  It is not that blank fields are or are not filled, it is that prior entries are or are not revised. 

    I have not been through all the permutations.  I have played with various reports, but not all with the most comprehensive review on the Banking Transactions report.  I have not played with the implications or consequences of cycles through other tabs (tabs other than Categories, Payees, and Tags).

    Rather than see some odd bug as herein might be determined, I would much rather see all four fields (Payee, Category, Memo, and Tag) available and consistent (plain text or pull down) in all three tabs -- with full and complete carry over from one tab to the other.
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    Thanks for verifying my info and then some. Was frustrating when working from left tab going right through tabs and loosing input.

    Hope they fix.
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