Thanks for the return of features to save data in all fields!

I am very happy to have the return of the features providing the option for us, as users, to save data/information from ALL fields into the next transaction with the same Payee, with the 5.15.0 update.
Although it took several weeks since they were removed.... As a long-time user of Quicken for Mac, since the mid-1990's, I am reassured by the tech team's positive response to our requests to continue using those features.
Thank you for listening to us!


  • jacobs
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    @Bill VanLoh It's interesting that you received an update to version 5.15.0; I'm not getting that update yet. I know Quicken typically releases to a small number of customers and then pauses to see if any major problems are reported before allowing more customers to get it -- I guess they wanted to be able to say they released it in February, and you were in that first group. ;)

    What's different here is that usually the new releases are accompanied by a post from Marcus, the product manager, announcing the release and discussing the changes -- and that didn't (yet) happen this time.
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  • jlgg
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    I also received 5.15.0 and was wondering the same thing. Normally Marcus posts info about the update and then pauses it if necessary. But this time no announcement. Anyway for what it's worth, the new save data from all fields works fine for me. There is another part of the update that deals with new bill pay features, but it is for Premier users only, and therefore I can't evaluate it.
  • Bill VanLoh
    Bill VanLoh Member ✭✭✭
    I don't know the reason I received the update "ahead of" an announcement. However, I was one of the users who were quite vocal about the loss of those features several weeks ago. I use them on a regular basis, at least several times each month. Copying and pasting (and manually updating) old memos/notes was a real pain.
    ... Sure am glad to have the features back!
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It's clear now that they started the staged release of version 5.15.0 on Friday. Typically they release to a small number (1,000 I believe) of users and then pause the update. If no significant problems are reported, they release to another batch of users, and then release to everyone. When each of us sees the update being available is simply a matter of when we launch Quicken relative to when they "open the tap."  Often problems surface that were not detected during their internal testing or beta testing, and they fix those issues before resuming the downloads with a .1 release that fixes the problem before too many users get the update. This has been standard practice for several years now.

    The only thing unusual here is the absence of a Quicken Marcus post announcing the release of version 5.15.0. Either they have decided to start holding the announcement posts until more people have it, or Marcus was unavailable Friday and didn't make his normal post. In any case, I'd expect most users to see availability of version 5.15 sometime this upcoming week.
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