Upgrading from desktop 2007 version?

I previously used Quicken 2007 desktop version on the Mac. Last time I used it was in 2009. My accounts/finances have changed and I'm basically starting over from scratch in terms of tracking my finances. I don't currently see a need for all of the financial data I previously had store in Quicken, but I guess it's possible I could need it. I kind of doubt that though.

Is there a desktop version I can upgrade to? Or do I have to go with a cloud version?

Pros/cons of either?

Thank you.


  • I forgot to mention: I cannot even open 2007 any more as I'm on OS 10.9.5. I have the latest Mac OS on another drive and can run Quicken from there if I have to.
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    There are several things to unpack from your questions…

    Quicken is still a fundamentally desktop-based program. You could purchase the current Quicken Subscription products and starts from scratch.

    You could also, if you wanted, import your data from 2009 and earlier into the current Quicken. The current quicken will import a Quicken 2007 data file. Since the data is so old, I'd suggest tif you do this, you do it in a separate file you can refer to if you ever need to, and make your "live" data file your 2020-and-forward data.

    If you are using Quicken Subscription on a Mac, you can optionally access some of your data by using the free Quicken mobile app for your phone or tablet, or the Quicken web interface for any web browser. The mobile versions and your desktop version are synced via 'the Quicken Cloud', but the desktop application is the ultimate home of your data, and the place you can see everything, do reports, export data, etc.

    If you want to be completely cloud-based, without a desktop application, Quicken recently introduced a separate service called Simplifi by Quicken. It is not compatible with Quicken desktop; they're separate products. (They even downplay the Quicken name in the product, and on the web, information is found "simplifimoney.com".) Most of us here are longtime Quicken desktop users, so this isn't going to be a great place to get comments on the Simplifi product (there is a separate community forum for that). I think their vision is that some people prefer the desktop product and keeping all their data local and out of the cloud, while other people want the convenience of accessing all their data wherever they are via the cloud, and so they're trying to satisfy both types of users with two different products. The desktop product is certainly the more mature and full-featured one at this point, since Simplifi is only a few months old.

    It's likely that any of these options will require you to be using a more recent version of macOS than Mavericks, though. Quicken desktop requires El Capitan (10.11) or greater, and Simpfli might have trouble with an old browser (but I don't know).
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  • Hi thank you for your response! I am glad to hear it's still primarily desktop-oriented; that is my preference for using it. I don't really like using cloud-based software.

    I have the latest MacOS on my other drive and can run Quicken from there, so no issues with compatibility.

    So if I buy a subscription product and start from scratch, am I downloading 2020 software to my Mac?
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    Yes, if you purchase a subscription, whether from Quicken directly or a retailer like Amazon, you'll download the Quicken Mac installer to your computer and allow it to install in your Applications folder. When you launch Quicken for the first time, on the Let's Get Started screen, you'd just select that you want to start from scratch:

    If you later decide you want to import your old Quicken 2007 data, just select File > New, then select "Start from a Quicken for Mac 2007 file", select the file, and Quicken will import it. To go back to your "live" data file, just use File > Open Recent to select your current data file. 

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  • Thank you!
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