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I recorded my expenses, but how do I record my income? Not seeing a place.

I just started using Quicken and put in my first month's expenses. I can't figure out how to input income. Please help


  • pops-37
    pops-37 Member ✭✭
    Hi Shelly , Quicken is a robust application and you will learn lots as you move around in the tools. For example if you deposit your income (like a pay check) into the checking account you can choose a CATEGORY to match the income type as well as the deductions like tax or SS take out. Or if you had a simple deposit say cash from sale of an item then pick the income type from the CATEGORY list. You can also add category items if you have several types of income you want to track separately. You can see the category list in the register drop down box OR you can go look in TOOLS CATEGORY-LIST and manage the items there.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    If you're trying to enter a paycheck, you'll want to use splits to reflect your gross pay and the various taxes taken out. In this example, I've created a deposit transaction where gross salary is $3,500 and net pay received after taxes is $2,500:

    Notice the checkbox at the bottom to save the splits as a QuickFill rule. The next time I enter a transactions for this payee of "Deposit (Direct)", Quicken will fill in all the splits and amounts; even if there are variances from paycheck to paycheck, you can edit the amounts without needing to re-create all the splits.

    If you have other types of income you' re trying to enter and you're not sure how, post back with an example of what you need to enter.
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  • I just want to put the net deposit in the checkbook account. No split. Do I enter it in the same place as the checks that I've written. I don't see a place to select an income category. When entering, it comes up as a negative amount, like a payment.
  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The choice of category is up to you, just as it was when you entered your expenses; you use the same Category field when you enter the transaction. Pick whatever category you want to use to record this income. As for the Amount: if you select a category defined as income, Quicken will treat what you type in the Amount field as a positive number. If you've already created the entry and the Amount is negative, you can just delete the minus sign to make it positive.

    You may prefer to use two columns, for money in and money out, instead of the single Amount column and having to pay attention to positive or negative numbers. To do this, click the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar, click on Amount to uncheck it, and click on Payment and Deposit to enable them. (The "in" and "out" fields have different names depending on the type of Account register you are in: for Checking, it's Payment and Deposit, while for a credit card account, it's Charge and Payment.)
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