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Bank of America OL220-A Errors

Please advise when this problem (first reported on 2/27 will be repaired. This is now impacting my personal finances. Thanks so much.

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  • markwattammarkwattam Member
    "NEW 2/27 Bank of America Returns OL 220-A/301-A/362-A /393-A/297-A Errors" It has been over five days that I cannot use Quicken!
  • Cavmaria1Cavmaria1 Member
    edited March 2
    COME ON! This is the only reason I use Quicken. [removed- off-topic]
  • Dave526Dave526 Member ✭✭
    I retried my BofA Direct Connect payments after Quicken Sarah's notification that the problem had been resolved. It has not been resolved for me. I continue to get OL-220-A errors.
  • Dave526Dave526 Member ✭✭
    Also, the OL-220 error appears considerably worse than the original OL-393 error - OL-393 resulted in online payments failing. OL-220 appears to result in all online interactions failing - I'm no longer getting transaction downloads.
  • Warren PettitWarren Pettit Member ✭✭
    I am another who has tired this resolved problem only to find that is is not resolved.
  • tx2va94tx2va94 Member
    Not resolved for me either
  • thultqthultq Member
    I am still receiving the Quicken Error code OL-220-A and OL-393 A. I cannot make payments. I cannot cancel them. I am stuck. Please help!
  • rotoryrotory Member
  • Harry StoreyHarry Storey Member ✭✭
    Says resolved in the Community Alert, but I am still receiving this error.
  • FriarBob66FriarBob66 Member
    as of 9:46 not resolved for me either
  • gfbuyergfbuyer Member
    This error is still occurring and is not resolved

    RESOLVED 3/2; 2/27 Bank of America Returns OL 220-A/301-A/362-A /393-A/297-A Errors
  • danpiercedanpierce Member
    I also continue to receive the same OL-220-A error after Q says resolved. A Q update was applied when I restarted 3/2/20 but seems to have had no effect.
  • RHW7910RHW7910 Member
    This error has been occuring since 02/27/2020 and not been resolved as the Alert stated.
  • sassy123sassy123 Member
    I still receive OL-220-A error after Q says it is resolved. the Q update was applied today but connecting to BofA to send bill pay transactions NOT WORKING. Q, we need immediate help.
  • Harry StoreyHarry Storey Member ✭✭
    Ok, my fix :) deactivate account and reactivate it
  • bobdbbobdb Member
    Not only is OL-393-A BofA ero not fixed, I now have a new error (OL297-A) with another bank!! I think we're going in the wrong direction here...
  • bobdbbobdb Member
    Quick update. Deactivated and reactivated my BofA accounts and still getting OL-393-A error.
  • Warren PettitWarren Pettit Member ✭✭
    I did the deactivate / reactivate dance and that cleared up my error as well. That should have been posted as part of the "solution".
  • Gary LeyGary Ley Member ✭✭
    The apparent BofA correction for downloading on the update process is not working for me
  • sundevil78sundevil78 Member
    I am still getting an error on this topic which was closed as resolved:
    RESOLVED 3/2; 2/27 Bank of America Returns OL 220-A/301-A/362-A /393-A/297-A Errors
  • twomanvbtwomanvb Member
    How to resolve this error?
  • Art MassonArt Masson Member ✭✭
    I still had the error this morning. It looks to me that my Quicken data base had been corrupted with my many tries since 2/27 to connect/update. I restored my Quicken data file from a back from before 2/27 and then tried again, and then the BOA started working again!
  • 2017 Q Prem stopped updating my BofA account. I get a right pointing arrow on both transactions trying to submit. Says "not yet matched to a downloaded transactions". Started about a week ago.
    The one step update summary give a OL-220-A error.
    How to fix?
  • Greg BrownGreg Brown Member ✭✭✭
    Keep getting ol-220-a when attempting error recovery with Bank of America after bill pay issue resolution.
  • Dave526Dave526 Member ✭✭
    Keep getting ol-220-a when attempting error recovery with Bank of America after bill pay issue resolution.
  • Dave526Dave526 Member ✭✭
    Also... the payments that were originally entered in Quicken, but then failed to upload properly, are now in some sort of limbo. I can't delete the transactions. I go to Online Center to cancel them, but the "cancel" button is grayed out. Is there some other way to delete these pending, but not happening transactions?

    In addition, I tried to "deactivate" the online services (intending to then reactivate), but that also failed.
  • sundevil78sundevil78 Member
    I have the same issue. Can't cancel a couple transactions so I cannot deactivate and activate bill pay like some have tried.
    If not resolved soon I may have to restore an earlier backup which seemed to work for someone.
  • Dave526Dave526 Member ✭✭
    OK. Next try seemed to have worked.

    I restored my Quicken file from 02/26 then deactivated/reactivated my BofA checking account.

    It downloaded a bunch of transactions, which seems to have brought all of my accounts up to date. There were also some duplicate bill pay transactions which were shown as VOID. Hopefully everything is back to normal...and all my payments have been scheduled...and I haven't paid anyone twice.
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