Selecting multiple lines in a report, also, recategorizing from report

Using Windows 2020, R25.10, Build I used to be able to select multiple lines in a report to, for example, perform a batch recategorization. Just today it seems like I can only select one line from a report at a time, whether using shift-click or ctrl-click. Furthermore, even when I select a single line from a report, the "recategorize" option is greyed out when I right click the selected line. I know I recently used to be able to do both of these things. Any ideas?


  • Jim_Harman
    Jim_Harman SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    @Chief just reported the same problem but I am not seeing that. Is this a standard report or one you have saved? 

    Please see if you have this problem with a standard report and let us know which one.
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  • pfrank
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    Thanks for your help! If I use a standard report, all is fine. It is a custom report I am having problems with. I will try to rebuild the report and see if that fixes the problem and report back.
  • pfrank
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    Well, if I rebuild the report all seems fine. Maybe it was just the old report template that was just not liked by quicken. Thanks again for your help!
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