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Not downloading all transactions from Peoples United Bank Business

rbergmandc Member ✭✭
So in december i noticed a problem.. and now just realized what it was..

I have setup Direct Connect with my Peoples United Bank Business account..
It downloads transactions but MISSES certain ACH Deposits..

I noticed for the month of February I was missing 25 transactions (thousands of dollars!!)

Quicken Chat said talk to my bank.. the transactions are posted correctly at my bank and therefore it is not a bank problem.

Many other types of transactions download no problem... it just seems to be random ACH (credit card) deposits...



  • Quicken_Natalie
    Quicken_Natalie Moderator mod
    Hello @rbergmandc,

    Thank you for providing the details of this issue to the Community, although I apologize that you have not yet received a response.

    What version/release of Quicken are you using? You can find that by going to Quicken>About Quicken. Also, please see this FAQ for details on adding more information to your post so that other Community members are best able to assist you.

    If you have not already done so, please see the information and follow the steps outlined here to troubleshoot the issue of missing transactions in Quicken.

    If the issue persists, I suggest contacting Support directly for more in-depth troubleshooting. Support has access to tools and information that the Community does not have, and will work with you towards resolving this.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

  • rbergmandc
    rbergmandc Member ✭✭
    Thanks Natalie.. i will add here..

    MacOS 10.11.6
    Quicken Deluxe Version 5.15.1 (Build 515.32947.100)

    These problems happening with DIRECT CONNECT

    And I've already s/w Quicken Support Chat.. they were worthless, kept me on for an hour and then told me that it was my banks problem... no.. the transactions show up correctly on my bank website... just not through quicken..

    at my wits end with it.. and looking into alternative software to change away from Quicken.. its s a shame.. been using it for over 20 years
  • William J
    William J Member ✭✭
    From what I understand there is an issue in how Quicken and People's software interact. I have had this issue sine 2016, or before. From what I have been able to understand Quicken mobile uses WebConnect coding, while Direct Connect is the preferred method for use in the program. From what I understand Direct Connect has more features. The only solution I have found is that by calling People's they can unlock your WebConnect password. Apparently it locks after multiple failed attempts. The reason that users do not encounter the problem right away is that the, from what I understand, the password resets every 90 days or so. One must understand this is happening and change the password in Quicken mobile before they get locked out. Otherwise it is back on the phone with Peoples to unlock and create a new password.

    Long and the short until People's modifies Quickens ability to access the data according to Quickens requirements the problem will remain.
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