quicken bill pay no longer on tools menu

Have not used Quicken Bill Pay in Quicken for a couple of months. When I opened Quicken it updated to Version R25.18 Build When I went to the Tools menu Quicken Bill Pay is no longer on the menu. What's happening

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    Just to verify.....   What version is being used & your Membership status -
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    Hi @Theodore Shoemaker,

    You might want to look at this https://www.quicken.com/support/how-move-quicken-bill-pay-quicken-bill-manager - it is about changes to bill payments through Quicken.

    Quicken is modifying its Bill Payment service, although this was just announced earlier this week, so I suspect that it may not be connected to your issue.  I would have thought that current users of the bill payment services would have received a direct communication from Quicken about this, since they will need to make some choices concerning options going forward.

    Also, while I don't use Quicken's bill payment services - I did take a look and I still see "Quicken Bill Pay" on my "Tools" drop down menu.

    Hope this helps.  Let us know how this gets resolved.


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  • hornedfrog89
    I am having the same problem. I believe this started around the same time. I was able to still pay bills using "Online Center". But now I can't even use that. For some reason it won't show my quicken bill pay account to pay bills from.
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