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Quick Fill for Memo/Notes (Q Mac)

After a recent upgrade, I noticed that my categories for a particular payee - on a new transaction - go into quick fill BUT the memo/notes DO NOT get quick filled. The old way just copied the most recent transaction of the same payee and everything was filled in automatically including categories and memos. Now it's only categories. For example, I don't trust my phone provider (they sneak in new charges all the time) so, I diligently create a category for every charge and specify in the memo/notes what it is for to track and check them. That's 16 categories with separate notes. I tried editing the quick fill rules but it looks like there can only be one memo per transaction. is there a way around this?

You probably ask why I need the memo/notes if I have everything categorized; the reason I do is that in Quicken, the categories are not easily readable at a glance while the memo are.

Thanks for your help.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @robertleedy  Is this after the update to version 5.15.1, or are you on an earlier version. (See the Quicken > About Quicken menu selection.)

    If you're on version 5.15.1, while you're in the Category field and selecting a Category, there's a blue widget that pops up above the Category field.

    New in this release is that you can change where it says "all fields" with a little drop-down menu just to the right of those words. If yours says "category", change it to "all fields" and then you'll find the QuickFill rules will save your memo/notes, tags, and amounts -- the way it worked before the QuickFill rules were added in the previous release.
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  • robertleedy
    robertleedy Member
    Thanks, Jacobs. What I learned is that it will ONLY work for transactions entered AFTER the release of 5.15.1. Existing transactions would not work and I was required to enter categories and memos all over again for the new transaction. I tested it with a second entry and all categories and memos fell in to place.
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