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Frustrated. New install of Quicken. Spent about an hour linking all of my banks, credit cards, credit unions, loans, etc. Quicken supposedly syncs all of my accounts and the Home page says I have -$13,483 this month.

This is nowhere near correct.

So looking at all of my accounts down the left side of the page I can see most balances are incorrect. If I drill down into an account to view the register, there are over 100 transactions. As I start to go through them I find duplicate entries, and at the bottom the starting balance is off. So the end result is, all values are off and it's very frustrating.

I am not going to manually edit every single account and try and figure out what's wrong. So, how can I start over, link to my bank accounts, have Quicken grab the current balance as of that moment and make it my STARTING balance in the Quicken register and forget about the past 100+ transactions?

Or, how can I easily and reliably fix all the madness that Quicken is showing me now?

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