How do I see a transaction register for a Bank Loan Account

I only create loan accounts every few years. The last one -- from 2016 -- was simple to use and I transferred payments between accounts the conventional way in Quicken. But then in January I set up a new automobile loan, and boy does the new experience suck!
Perhaps I set it up differently this time, but I cannot get to a simple transaction register where I can record a payment from my checking account into this one. Furthermore, the normal method of using [account_name] does not show the loan as one of my accounts.
If this is an improvement, then send me back to the dark ages. If I have been ignorant of this aspect of loans for all these years, then be kind to me and simply tell me to delete the account and start over. Or is there a happy middle ground that I am not aware of?

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  • Bruce Penfold
    Bruce Penfold Member ✭✭
    I can see a transaction register with all my payments when I view all of my loan accounts but not an Auto Loan?

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