Can I continue to e-pay bills from within Quicken for Windows after May 31, 202?

I currently e-pay my bills from within Quicken Premier for Windows using its internal Online Payee List information.
Do I now have to manually enter/set up each of my (more than 50) "Quicken Premier for Windows - Online Payee List" payee names, account numbers, addresses, etc. into Quicken Bill Manager, before May 31, 2020?
I don't currently pay bills by going directly to the Quicken Bill Pay website, and after May 31, I don't want to have to go directly to the new Quicken Bill Manager website to pay bills either. After May 31, can I continue using my existing Quicken Premier for Windows and its Online Payee List to e-pay bills?


  • Sherlock
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    If you're using Quicken 2020 and a online payment service other than Quicken Bill Pay, you may continue to use Quicken to pay bills.

    If you're using Quicken 2017, you need to upgrade to Quicken 2020 before May 1, 2020 to continue to use Quicken to pay bills.

    If you're using Quicken Bill Pay to pay bills and want to use Quicken to pay bills after May 31, 2020, you need to migrate to another online bill pay service. There are more than 500 financial institutions that support online payment using the Direct Connect connection method.

    Note: The bill payment functionality of the Quicken Bill Manager is not equivalent to the Quicken Bill Pay or any of the other online payment services available from within Quicken:
    • Quick Pay is limited to 12 online payments per month.
    • Quick Check is limited to 3 check payment per month.
    • Quick Pay and Quick Check payments may not be scheduled.
    To migrate to Quick Pay and Quick Check, you will need to manually enter/setup each payee in Quicken:

    There is no Quicken Bill Manager web site to pay bills.