Problem with transaction downloads from Ultamate Rewards Mastercard (Comenity Bank)

I see that there is already a discussion under "Natalie" regarding OL-221 errors. I do not see the Ultamate Rewards Mastercard listed in the affected financial institutions. I am not getting an error message, but my transactions will not download since late January. Is someone working on this problem?


  • JTA
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    My Comenity card with BJ's won't update since late February. When I try to reset, the account number for the card is unavailable. No errors are thrown.
  • zstatman
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    Same here
  • UKR
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    edited March 2020
    If it's a Comenity - supported credit card, this announcement applies, even if the list of affected credit cards is not complete.
    The folks at Quicken can only use the list that Comenity gives them ...
    IMHO, a friendly email sent to upper management both at Comenity and the company sponsoring the card might have some effect.

    By the way, Ultamate appears at the very bottom of this (unsorted) list.
  • mccardis
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    FYI, Ultamate was added to the bottom of the list after I posted my comment on Saturday. Problem is resolved today. Transactions are downloading.
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