Tracking donations for a small church

It is time for me to purchase and upgrade of Quicken and was considered the Home & Business version (which I don't currently have).

I need to track the donations for our small church and wondered if it would have a way for me to do it. I basically need to put in the amount of each individual contribution each week for each person. This could be through a split transaction in the register where I record the deposit or in some other way in Quicken. I need to be able to put in their email (or mailing address for the few that don't have email) and then at the end of the year be able to print a form showing the total contributions from each individual. I would hope that the program would store the address/email indefinitely once I entered that "customer" (contributor).

I know there is software for this (I have an old program that I am having trouble installing on a new system) but all of the software (or monthly web services) out there are way more powerful (and expensive) than I need.

I thought it might be possible to use Quicken and the invoices to make this happen. The invoice layout does not have to be perfect and I think from what I've seen online look ok to do what I need. But I haven't been able to determine if I can do what I stated above.

I hope someone who has this version of Quicken and knows enough about it's abilities can give me guidance on whether this will work for me or not.

Thank you so much!


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    I don't think, Quicken can do this task for you.
    A donation is not equivalent to either a Customer Invoice or a Vendor Invoice, so the H&B features really are not for you.
    If you currently have the Deluxe or Premier Edition (Do not try the Starter Edition, due to its limitations), set up a test data file and add an Asset account. Record the transactions for each donation and add the email and mailing address for each Payee/Donor.
    Yes, you can create a Transaction Report in Quicken, sorted by Payee.
    But you cannot break the report apart, to start a new page for each Payee and make Quicken email each page individually. That function does not exist.
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    You COULD, however, send the report to ExCel and do the specific page breaks there before you print the report.

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