Migrating from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager

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I have been trying to understand the documentation being distributed regarding the migration to the new Quicken Bill Manager from Quicken Bill Pay. I thought the problem was due to my lack of knowledge of the Quicken software, so I called tech support for help. I discovered that the agent I was connected to knew less than I did about migrating to Quicken Bill Manager. Mr. Dunn, please hire some good tech writers who can give step by step instructions that will help us achieve a smooth transition. When we transitioned from the old Quicken Bill Pay to the new version I almost lost my health insurance because of hiccups in that migration. I don't want to experience that again. If I can't transition smoothly I will just say goodbye to Quicken. That would be too bad since I've been with the product since 1992.


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    Hello @dilorenzoc

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that support was unable to answer your Quicken Bill Manager questions.

    If you haven't done so already, I would take a moment to review the information available in the announcement here.

    Please let me know if you have additional questions that are not covered in the announcement.

    Thank you,
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    Unfortunately the announcement doesn't address the migration of the current bill information stored in Quicken. I have been using Quicken since 1992. I have accumulated a significant list of Bill payers, On-Line payees and Financial institutions over the years. What the announcement doesn't address is how much of this information will be automatically migrated into Quicken Bill manager. Will any of it be retained or we expected to start all over again as a brand new Quicken user?
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    > @dilorenzoc

    Hello, when I went through the steps of adding accounts to use the new Quicken Bill Manager everything that was online was automatically set up for using Quick Pay. Then I waited for my micro-deposits so that I could use the check pay option for those bills that are not online. I have made some payments with the new system and it has went smoothly so far. I am not that tech savvy and I fount it pretty seamless. I hope this helps!


    I do have a question about the limits on the number of transactions per month. I use way more than the limits as I manage my rental company with Quicken. Not a problem now since I can still use Bill Pay in unison, but will be. Will there be transaction limits on Bill Manager after Bill Pay discontinues? If not, will you have the ability to use more like you can in Bill Pay? Seems like with Bill Pay if I go over a certain number per month I am charges a small fee.

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    it want let me edit my comment. corrections.... obviously I can spell found!!!! lol
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    Thanks for your replies, but I guess I must be asking my question incorrectly. I will try to be more specific. I have approximately 50 online payee's. Each payee has a name, address, account number, telephone number, etc. My question is, will I have to re-create all those payees in order to use Quicken Check Pay or Bill Pay or will they be available to those new services?
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    dilorenzoc said:
    My question is, will I have to re-create all those payees in order to use Quicken Check Pay or Bill Pay or will they be available to those new services?
    I think you have to manually enter or copy over each Payee -

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    Thank you.
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    I have been using Quicken for Windows for decades and I have also been using the Bill Pay addon at dispatch my bills. I’m retired so my transaction activity is less than a dozen.

    Over the years Bill Pay has been quirky and buggy but once it became stable it was a useful tool.

    I was kinda excited when I got the “upgrade” notice and jumped on my Quicken Premier and started the setup. I spend the better part of a day cleaning up and setting up. Over the space of two days waiting for my pay account to verify I did a little more cleanup (decades of payees etc.) and was ready to test a few transactions.

    Well, they blew up the whole application! I called support and the only solution was to restore and start over. Obviously, the product is buggy and I get it but Quicken should not put their user community in a box that is broken!

    That being said, I feel that Quicken will make it right and HOPEFULLY at least add the basic functionality that was in Pill Pay. I have been reading the post and there are similar nightmare stories out there.

    I would like :

    - A PDF setup guide instead of having to bounce bake and forth between Quicken and a Web browser when attempting to set Bill Manager up. I feel like I may have missed a step that caused my crash while bouncing around.

    - I would also like to see some documentation on cleaning up all the hang over stuff from Categories, Payees etc. etc. I’m very reluctant to fiddle with these because things just break !
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    I did not have to manual copy anything.
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    Hi @dilorenzoc ,

    Check out the Announcement from Quicken Kathryn found in my signature in Information.
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    Hello @jnprop

    Thank you for the response, I'm happy to hear that you have had a seamless process.

    The ability to schedule payments is planned to be added by the end of Summer 2020, as provided in this FAQ.

    We know this is a big concern to users, and we're working on this feature so we can get this to you as quickly as possible

    Thank you,
  • Note: It seems Quicken Bill Manager's process are oriented to users of on-line billing and payment rather than the traditional know your finances and pay your bills
    To date, I have not found a concise simply explained process to transition from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager. I've spent 80+ hours reviewing all my billers to ensure my records about their addresses as well as Quicken Bill Pay's records of their addresses align. Yet, I still remain confused as to how to ensure that my payments begin using the Quicken Bill Manager processes before the termination date of Quiken's Bill Pay processes. I do not use on-line billing, as I must coordinate a number of payment decisions with a house-hold which is not as informed about electronic payment processes as I might be. I also do not use a PED--Smart Phone--to access financial tools/processes. There's got to be a better way to make this a successful tranistion for similarly oriented customers of Quicken.

    A Quicken user since ~1998 whose successfully managed the Check Free to Quicken Bill Pay process change .
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    My continuing efforts to migrate to Bill Manager are maddening. I have spent hours on the phone with Quicken tech support and have only become more frustrated as some have admitted that they are "still learning the migration system and some of the functions are still being worked on." Some of the links this community has sent me have produced documents that are totally inaccurate i.e., "Copying Info from Bill Pay."

    During my last call to support, the agent walked me through the steps to get my checking account into Bill Manager. She told me I have until May 31 to transition over. "You could continue to use Quicken Bill Pay until that time," she said. Not so. When I went back to my Quicken software and tried to pay bills, it didn't work. I spoke to a tech support supervisor who informed me that once the agent had me link my checking account to Bill Manager I could no longer use Quicken Bill Pay through the Quicken software. The agent I originally spoke to didn't know this. Now, I must convert all my online payees to Bill Manager - 50+ payees. I don't have time to do it now. So I must go back to writing checks. And, after all the effort of migrating, I will not have an advanced bill paying system. I will have one inferior to Quicken Bill Pay. For example, I can not have any scheduled repeating payees as I did in the past. That was taken away. I'm limited to writing 6 checks a month. The larger number I had in the past was taken away. Oh, if if you want to pay the additional $9 a month as I do for the increased check writing feature you will be told "we don't have that working, yet." Oh, how I yearn for the days Quicken execs decided to move forward with their product instead of back. Obviously, Quicken Bill Manager is not ready for Prime Time.
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    Like some of the other posters, I am a long time Quicken user. I think I go back to Quicken95. The last transition of payment services to Metavente was painful and this is not starting off better. Quicken has been losing market share to other tools, this is not a time to aggravate your hard core users with a half baked product. I expect much better.

    As I've tried to look at migrating to the new service, I have also encountered a real deficiency in the documentation on the transition. Some type of well written cookbook approach is in order.

    One area I've not seen addressed is transition of payees who do accept electronic payment, but don't have a web bill presentment capability or a user account. Examples are financial services companies that have repeating monthly payments (e.g. Auto Loans (Chemical Bank), Equipment loans (John Deere Financial)) Another example is State Farm Insurance which I pay semi annually on various policies... Why should I go to paper checks on these companies???

    Another area is smaller entities that may have web sites, but are not on your current list of available billers. My example is our electric co-op Great Lakes Energy. Like the above they do take electronic payments today. Is there a way for me to request them to be added?

    I'm glad to see the deadline for conversion is being extended. Maybe some of these wrinkles can be ironed out. It should be extended not because of COVID-19, but because the product is not ready...
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