Need help downloading data from Prudential 401(k) account to Quicken

I have successfully been able to download transactions from other financial institutions, but have had no luck with Prudential. I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble or better yet success. I am running Quicken version R25.18 Build on a Windows 7 PC. For the Prudential account number I am using planNumberXsubPlanNumberXlast4SSN as directed by a document I found on the Prudential website.

Any advice, tricks I can try before I submit to entering all the data by hand...?


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    I have no experience with Prudential so I can't comment on that specifically.  But one option you might want to try is to see if Prudential offers QFX file or "Quicken" file downloads from their website.  If they do, you could download the file and import into Quicken.  Depending on how you've got downloads set up, Quicken will either automatically open and import the file or you might be prompted to select the program you want to open the file.  Quicken will then set up your 401K account for Web Connect. 
    One bonus of using Web Connect is that financial institutions often allow for a lot more transactions history (1-2 years or more) to be downloaded by that method than they do via Direct Connect or Express Web Connect (often limited to less than 9 months...sometimes much less).
    After your account is set up, check the Online Services tab of Account Details.  It will show your connection method is Web Connect and there will probably be a message stating that an improved connection method is available.  Click on that to see if that will help you get set up with Direct Connect or Express Web Connect.
    If it doesn't work, then maybe someone else might be able to step in to assist you.  But in the meantime you'll have an account set up that you can manually download to instead of having to manually enter all of that data.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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    Great tip, thank you for the info on entering the social. Been trying to figure this out for quite awhile with no luck but this tip worked perfectly for me!
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    @jerm324 , thanks for this tip! it works.
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