Vanguard Transaction Download is received with Old Security Name

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I filed 2 issues with Eric Dunn (CEO). I received responses from the escalation team; but no resolution in more than 10 months.

It is a known issue that the Convert routine is broken and thus was removed from the Quicken menu (including the subscription version); it apparently remains within the Quicken source code, but has been blocked from view and use by users. A workaround to convert shares from Vanguard Index funds to Vanguard Admiral Funds was suggested as the only current resolution.....Remove all Index Shares and then Add the same shares as Admiral Shares.

Several issues remain:
  1. (1) the cost basis is lost (which is a lot better than the exceedingly overstated cost basis that resulted from the conversion routine); 
  2. (2) though the Index fund name was removed from the Security list, the old name continues to be shown when the Admiral fund shares/price/total transaction is downloaded (this requires manual editing of the transaction to change the Index-to-Admiral fund name on each download) [NOTE: a very experienced member of the escalation team was able to correct this error on a year-plus old Vanguard conversion; no one since appears to have the experience to know how to complete the steps to resolve the issue; 
  3. (3) further, Quicken continues to report Security Comparison mismatches which at the end-of-the-day have to be ignored.

It is especially frustrating that Quicken now forces users to extend their subscriptions (I had to extend my account this month) yet there does not appear to be a reciprocal responsibility to resolved known issues that have now persisted for more than 1-year. Eric Dunn notes that he uses exclusively to track his investments on a daily basis; I assume, therefore, that he does not hold any Vanguard investments and thus his portfolio is not adversely affected.

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    Sorry to hear your interaction with the escalation team did not resolve your problem; let's see if we can help.

    First, what version of Quicken are you running? Go to Help > About Quicken and let us know what it says there.

    It sounds like your original issue is with the Mutual Fund Conversion transaction. Quicken made some fixes to this a year or so ago, but it still has problems if your fund is set to Use Average Cost. Is that your situation? Open the Security Detail view and click on Edit Security Details. Is Use average cost checked? If so, is that necessary, or would you be happy to select individual tax lots when you sell?

    With answers to these questions, we can advise what to do next.
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