Paycheck wizard no longer has the option to enter employer 401k contribution

It simply is no longer there.

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  • AfricanSwallow
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    (in Quicken HB&R for Windows 2020, R25.18, Build
  • NotACPA
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    I'm running the same Q version and Build as you ... and I still have the Employer Match feature:
    Click EDIT adjacent to the "Employee Contribution Transfer" amount to input the Employer match.
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  • AfricanSwallow
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    On mine, the "Employer Match" area is no longer displayed for current paychecks or (via a test) new paychecks. It appears in paychecks "entered" before the latest Bill Manager upgrade, but not after.
  • AfricanSwallow
    AfricanSwallow Member ✭✭
    That was it! TOTALLY missed/forgot that. (damn it) The entry point is on the transfer. APOLOGIES for the false alarm.
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