How do I move my Investment entries from being hidden to regular display?

:/ How do I move investment files from being hidden to normal.


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    Hi @LPD1380,

    You can make hidden files "normal" (or "unhide" an account) as follows:

    You'll need to perform these steps for each account you want to "unhide"

    1) Go to "Tools" > "Account List";
    2) When the Account List opens - go to the bottom of the window, on the left hand side and check the "Show hidden accounts" box;
    3) A new column will open up (titled "Hidden") and all hidden accounts will have a check mark in the Hidden column;
    4) Click on the "Edit" button for the account you want to "unhide";
    5) In the "Account Details" pop-up screen - select the "Display Options" tab;
    6) Deselect the "Hide account name in account bar and account list" box.

    That should do it.

    Let us know how this goes.


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  • Ps56k2
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    And/Or - if you are asking about individual Securities....
    Tools --> Security List --> using the [Hide] checkbox

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    edited March 2020
    If you're referring to investment transactions: select Edit > Preferences...

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