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How do you show a deposit in Quicken for Macs?

marciab22 Member
I'm having a problem figuring out how to input deposit since moving my Quicken over to a Mac.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    By default, Quicken Mac shows a single Amount column. You might find it easier to have it show a separate column for deposits and withdrawals. Click on the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar, and click on Amount to hide it and then click on both Payment and Deposit if this is a checking account. (The columns have different names, depending on the type of account; for example, it's Charge and Payment for a credit card account.) 

    Now that you have a Deposit column, is it clearer how to enter your deposits? Enter a Payee that's your bank name, or perhaps the type of deposit: e.g. "XYZ Bank" or "Deposit-Direct (spouse)", "ATM Deposit" or whatever is useful to you. (Having separate deposit names make sit easy to re-use the same transaction in the future, which is especially important for paychecks which have a lot of split lines for various tax withholdings.) Select a category that reflects the source of the money, and enter the amount in the Deposit column. You can also use the Memo/Notes field to record notes about the source of/reason for the deposit.

    If you don't want to give up the screen space for two columns instead of one, you can use just the Amount column. If you do so, you have to keep an eye on positive or negative numbers. In a checking account, for instance, deposits are positive and checks and other withdrawals are negative; if a credit card account, every charge is negative and a payment of your credit card bill is positive. Quicken will try (and generally succeed) at making Amounts positive or negative automatically based on the Category you select for a transaction. So if your Category is Salary, it knows that's income, and will make the amount you enter positive; if your Category is Utilities, it knows that's an expense and will make the amount negative. 

    Post back if any of this is unclear.
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