How can I switch from Quicken Bill Pay to Chase Bill Pay (and not use Quicken Bill Manager)

I have been a Quicken Bill Pay (formerly CheckFree) customer since 1991. Since the new bill manager is not a suitable replacement (can't schedule payments in advance, severe limit on number of monthly payments), I want to try something else. My bank (Chase) has bill pay that apparently Quicken can direct to make payments on my behalf.

Currently I never need to log into the Quicken Bill Pay site, I can do all operations from within Quicken (create a new payee, send a one time payment, schedule a payment in the future, see the status of a payment, etc.) I would like to be able to do the same thing with Chase Bill Pay - be able to drive it from within Quicken and not need to log into the Chase website as part of normal operation.

Can someone give me or point me to instructions as to how to change my current Quicken configuration to work with Chase Bill Pay instead of Quicken Bill Pay? I am on the current Windows version of Quicken via a subscription. When I set up Quicken Bill Pay, there was a "set up bill pay" option on one of the menus. I am not finding an option to set up Chase (or any other external) bill pay system.

I do have Chase Bill Pay set up and I can make payments from the Chase web site. I also have my Chase account linked to Quicken so I can download transactions, but when I download transactions, I don't get any pending Chase Bill Pay payments, nor do I have the option when making a payment from Quicken to select "Chase" as the payment provider.


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  • Yakko
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    Thanks. I got it working. I had already gotten direct connect set up, but I had to explicitly disconnect and reconnect the payment service.
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