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The short question is: How do I reorganized certain categories with out affecting previous years history? I run Windows (up to date), Quicken 27.1xxx (current) ; I have multiple categories assigned to a business we shut down 12/ 2019. The reason for this is multiple categories are assigned as follows: Business: Dining for entry into schedule C on Turbo Tax for federal taxes. Since we don't have a business anymore, and I wish to go back to TurboTax next year, How do I change the Business:Dining to just Dining? This would avoid showing Turbo Tax that we have a business, which as stated, we do not any more.


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    It's actually much simpler than that.  Just don't use the "Business:Dining" category going forward.
    TTAX isn't going to pick up 2019 transactions when you're doing your taxes for 2020.

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    hmmmm I was enjoying the auto filler (when you start typing a word and it auto fills). But thanks
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    If you have "Dining" as a category in addition to the "Business:Dining" typing in "Din" should quickly get you both options.  I am not sure if hiding the Business categories would benefit your pull-down fill-in behavior or not, but  it is an option.