Why can't I reconcile investment tranactions to more that 4 digits after decimal?

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I can enter other investment transactions to 6 digits after decimal. When I try to adjust a stock balance that is .000037 shares off from statement, Q won't let me do it, instead telling me no adjustment required. I am trying to zero out an account from which I transferred everything, but [removed - profanity] Q does everything it possible can to make it difficult or impossible. I had no trouble adjusting share balance off by .0001** (3 digits past decimal). [removed-disruptive]

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  • dpjenkins23
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    This image did not come thru on the email I received, and I just looked at it now. Of course, in the action box in the register, the sell option does not appear in the drop-down list. So I used the sold action, specified the # of shares and shares zeroed out as they were supposed to, with no residual shortage or left over. Thanks for your help anyway.
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    Hi @dpjenkins23,

    Okay so you are saying that it didn't work?  Maybe I wasn't clear enough...

    Did you first delete the entry that you made initially (the one that didn't work) and then re-do the sales transaction using the directions I provided?


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    There's a possible bug in Q that has to do with having the 1st four digits to the right of the decimal being 0 ... followed by something else.
    You might have come across another example.

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  • dpjenkins23
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    I'm sure you method would have worked if I had seen your screenshot, which did not display in my email, only online here. I didn't read it here until after I used a different workaround.
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