R25.21 update leaves Validate and Repair as only File Operations

:/ After applying R25.21 update, Quicken startup displays a validation progress bar, then a separate screen message that database validation failed and to restore from Backup. But the File Operations only option is Validate and Repair - there are no Backup or Restore options!!!!
And it looks like the .QDF file size has about doubled compared to the size of the .QDF-backup files that I'd like to restore from (if I can ever get a Restore function back).

What happened in R25.21? Other then re-install from scratch, how can I backup out R25.21???

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  • miklk
    miklk SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    I do NOT see that which indicates you have corruption in the data file and / or program.

    Start by running the mondo patch

    PS: The Backup and Restore is higher on the file menu than the validate options are 

  • JoeRauchuck
    JoeRauchuck Member ✭✭
    See attached snip of what I get for File menu now. There are no Backup or Restore function anywhere that I can see (actually there is a lot missing.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    See attached snip of what I get for File menu now. There are no Backup or Restore function anywhere that I can see (actually there is a lot missing.

    You're not showing that a Q data file is open ... which is why there's no Backup or Restore.  If a file was open, it's name would be immediately after "Quicken Premier".
    Try the Open Quicken file option.
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  • JoeRauchuck
    JoeRauchuck Member ✭✭
    File Open goes to Explorer view to select the .QDF file, then after selecting the .QDF, I get the same sequence as when I start Quicken:
    - validation progress bar
    - message box that validation has completed
    - A long message box that the database cannot be opened because it is damaged and to go to Backup and Restore to restore the database
    - then return to the Explorer window waiting for a good database selection.
  • JoeRauchuck
    JoeRauchuck Member ✭✭
    And to add to the bizarre... when I shutdown Quicken, I get a automatic Backup completed message. And looking in the BACKUP directory, there is a fresh .QDF-backup about the right file size and timestamp. So if Quicken:

    - was unable to open the file because it was damaged
    - has no Backup and Restore option on the file menu
    - shows no file in the title of the running program
    - how did automatic Backup locate the "unopened" .QDF
    - why (and how ) could automatic Backup of a "damaged" file work?
  • JoeRauchuck
    JoeRauchuck Member ✭✭
    So the workup of this problem seems to be:

    - R25.21 level mondo patch gave the same file menu behavior against the original database as the first updated version I started this issue with.

    - Starting Quicken without a default .QDF and then using File Open to point to a new rebuilt .QDF got the application running.

    - Without Backup and Restore File menu options, I had to use Explorer to copy a pre-R25.21 .QDF-backup file to a .QDF file in the Quicken directory.

    - Apparently there is some file upgrade going from R25.18 to R25.21 , but I don't remember seeing any messages about errors or failures during the original upgrade.

    - Validate and Repair now seems happy with final working database.

    - Much t :) hanks to all contributors for your help.
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