How do I stop "Quicken Cloud Synch"

I have been on the phone support with Quicken several times trying to stamp out my cloud data. They direct me how to delete it. I turned off the mobile and web service, deleted Quicken software from my mobile devices, and changed connection methods from direct connect to express web connect. Quicken has me create a test file so when using that data file I can delete the cloud data for my regular data file. I have gotten to the point where trying to see Quicken cloud data, in the edit/preferences/cloud accounts it says, it cannot find any. So, I thought they were gone. But then, the next one step update, they came back!!! How do I turn it off? See the image attached, it shows at the bottom "services updated - Quicken cloud sync successful." I don't want a cloud synch?!!?

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  • williamspl
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    Did you try to go into Schedule Updates and uncheck "sync Quicken Cloud" on the front end of starting updates?
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    Thank you for that suggestion! I have no scheduled updates and the "sync quicken cloud" box is unchecked.
  • sadhunathan
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    I spent a long time with quicken chat support today, since phone is closed. I was finally informed that there is no way to stop having a cloud data file, however, I was able to confirm it has no data and will not be attempting to sync to my bank. The solution was to delete the data file (from a test file), then, make sure all account boxes were unchecked in the schedule updates dialog.
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    Okay thanks.

    FYI - The problems began when I started using Quicken mobile for one month in January when I was traveling out of the country. I discontinued everything mobile upon return. I also deleted Quicken from my iPad and iPhone. I since re-registered my PC data file but I still have a data file in the cloud. I was told, no way to permanently get rid of it. You are right it is empty now. And hopefully inactive. But, it (or something) was actively contacting my bank. Even if the contact is unsuccessful, my bank wants to charge me for it. I have changed my PIN for "direct connect" at the bank - which means, the Quicken connection is no longer successful. But for a while it was, basically from the end of December until March 16th. This was without my doing anything.

    So I disagree. I'm not wrong!

    What I am referring to when I said sync to the bank is the message in the Quicken One Step Update Summary that said, under services updated, "Quicken Cloud sync successful". See attached image.

    From the point of view of my bank, this is what that looks like (recently) - and that they were charging me for .. this is from their technical support .. a transaction list showing accesses or attempted accesses to their server from Quicken. These were not due to manual download attempts by me, in fact I had stopped running Quicken during part of this period. They said in this list the ones up to 3-16 were successful connections, the one on 3-17 failed.

    03-17-2020 15:46:12 QWIN
    03-16-2020 15:39:57 QWIN
    03-14-2020 14:33:44 QWIN
    03-13-2020 15:46:12 QWIN
    03-12-2020 16:24:25 QWIN
    03-11-2020 17:31:58 QWIN
    03-10-2020 18:53:31 QWIN
    03-09-2020 16:31:11 QWIN
    03-07-2020 15:51:31 QWIN
    03-06-2020 16:16:54 QWIN
    03-06-2020 15:53:30 QWIN
    03-05-2020 16:19:45 QWIN
    03-04-2020 15:23:15 QWIN
    03-04-2020 14:38:10 QWIN
    03-03-2020 16:46:42 QWIN
    03-02-2020 17:00:12 QWIN

    So when I say sync to the bank, this is what I mean. You are quibbling over terminology. I meant it was the Quicken cloud contacting my bank.

    Does that clear it up for you?

    Anyway, thank you for the link, I will check it out.
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    > Does that clear it up for you?    Yes!

    Deactivate all Union Registers in your current Data File.

    Create a Test File with No Accounts. Do not Enable Mobile.

    Click Cloud Accounts.

    Then click Cloud accounts associate with this Quicken ID.

    As you can see this list of Quicken Data Files that will be associated with your Quicken User ID.

    You can delete all Cloud Accounts, except for the Current file.

    Now switch back to your current Data File. Do a Manual Backup of your current Data File.

    Now do a Set Up Now for Union after changing Quicken Preferences to NOT Automatically add to Banking Registers by unchecking the option.

    After finding your Accounts at Union, make sure you link to the correct existing registers.

    Then once the Accounts are linked, pay attention to the Results Window and uncheck to Sync the Accounts.


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