How can I get it to finish with installing and updating to subscription?

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I have Quicken (for Mac) 2017 version 4.86. I turned off password protection. I made a backup. I restored from the backup (to eliminate corruption?). I tried (for a 4th time) to have the subscription version (5.15.2) open and update the file. Original file Quicken Data.quicken2017 size 53.8 mb. The Quicken version 5.15.2 subscription version seems to go fine until "Upgrading your Quicken data" window
...updating database
gets up to 316.2 mb then it stops responding. What do I do?

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  • guymmoore
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    I left it "not responding" when I left Friday. When I came back to my computer on Monday, it was done. I guess it just needed time. So it did recover. Now I will reactivate password protection etc.
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