Bulk printing or saving of all attachments from multiple transactions (Q Mac)

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Say I'm getting audited, and I need to produce receipts for certain categories of expenses. I've scanned and saved receipts for each expense and attached them to each individual expense.
Do I need to print them out individually? Or is there a way I can bulk ALL the attachments from a particular category, to save or print all together at once?
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  • jacobs
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    There are no features in Quicken Mac related to attachments beyond allowing you to create them. So yes, you'd need to open them one at a time and print them. 
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    Hello @tcerveris,

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    For Quicken for Windows users, a similar Idea / suggestion is posted here:

  • I also think this would be very useful. I'm trying to get away from using something like Neat Receipts. Neat software does this currently, but it's another subscription. It would be nice to have everything is the same place
  • Andrew1075
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    Yep, it's kinda pointless to add a feature to store all of your receipts, but then not provide a way to get them back out when needed. I have the same concern and won't waste my time inputting receipts if I can't get to them later. It's also probably why this get so few upvotes as no one uses this feature as a result.
  • jacobs
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    Yep, it's kinda pointless to add a feature to store all of your receipts, but then not provide a way to get them back out when needed.
    Just to be clear, you can access the stored attachments, but it requires going to each transaction and accessing it from there. So, as noted in the original post in this thread, there's no way to do it in bulk.

    Because Quicken allows a wide range of file types to be attached, it leaves the the viewing of attachments to macOS and various other applications (from Preview or Acrobat, to Excel or Numbers, to Word or Pages or TextEdit, etc.). As a result, there's no easy way to bulk print the files, because each requires launching a different external application and using it to print -- something Quicken can't do. There could, however, be a feature added for a bulk export of transactions from selected transactions, which would be helpful to users who store attachments in Quicken. 

    Those who store digital receipts might consider doing so outside of Quicken. This has one inherent advantage of making your receipts not tied to Quicken, should you in the future decide not to continue using Quicken, or should your data file (and its backups) become inaccessible. Another advantage, if you have a lot of receipts, is that they don't need to be included in every backup of your Quicken data file.

    It's relatively easy to set up: in your Documents folder or on your desktop, create a Receipts folder with multiple subfolders organized by either Payee name or date range (e.g. years, or months). Dropping receipts into folders takes no longer than attaching them in Quicken. However, to make receipts accessible in the future, you need to take a moment to give each attachment a usable name, like "Home Depot 2021-06-25" rather than "IMG 12345". Additionally, if you anticipate a future need to print receipts in bulk, you might want to take time to convert/store all receipts in the same format, such as .png or .jpg or .pdf, which will make it easy in the future to select a number of files and print them with one command.
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  • Austin@
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    I would love this feature. Some sort of “Attachment Manager” where attachments can be exported or deleted in bulk would be a welcome addition. I like the idea of Quicken being a one-stop-shop for my personal finances, and this would make the attachment capabilities of Quicken much more robust. I understand there are other products and methods for storing important receipts (folder structures in Finder, etc.), but the ideal place for me to store a receipt is right alongside the actual transaction in Quicken that corresponds to the receipt. 
  • StevenCNC
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    Quickbooks allows batch downloading of attached receipt images. Just saying...
  • 3SRanch
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    Was the bulk export of attachments ever worked out? That would be a huge tax help.
  • 3SRanch
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    Another solution would be options to export the attachments to a pdf or download the batch into a folder so the can then be worked with off of quicken.