How do I clear transactions with one click?

I just upgraded from 2010 version of Quicken in which I could "clear" transactions with a single click and without having to move the cursor. Actually, if I continued to click, it would toggle through my options (clear, reconcile, void, blank). With the new version of Quicken, I have to click in the box and then move the cursor out of the box to click on "clear transaction." This means that I then have to move the cursor back into the box for the next transaction. The way I want to use Quicken is to enter all my receipts, then go through my statements and clear transactions that are on the statements. I know there are automated ways to do lots of this faster, but that is not how I want to use Quicken. For now, I want to use it the old-fashioned way. Please help me know how I can clear transactions one-after-another without having to move my cursor. Thanks.

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  • sjkemp62
    sjkemp62 Member
    Thanks. q_lurker, this makes sense. I don't like the answer, but it makes sense. I wish they had a way to turn the feature on/off. Now, if I click twice, it goes into a reconciliation window and returns me to the bottom of the page, not where I left off. As far as I'm concerned, the solution is worse than the problem, even though it may have been wonderful for the focus group or target market they had in mind when they made the change. It adds extra steps and hassle to a process that was really straightforward and easy in the past.
  • rrayner
    rrayner Member
    The above comments all show March 22 for the date. I would like to echo the sentiments of sjkemp62 above. How about the equivalent of a Ctrl+Shift click to select multiple items. I also have a brokerage account with multiple equities in multiple accounts posting dividends, etc. At times, I could have 10 or more transactions I was like to do a mass reconcile for. How about an option for those of us who know our way around Quicken well enough to know how not to shoot ourselves in the foot.?
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