Report entry with $0.00

My client payments are listed in my checking register. The category is Consulting Income.

I have a separate register where I track invoices and payments. In that register, I also use the category Consulting Income.

Since I've been tracking my invoices and payments (2016), only deposits to my checking account show up in my reports under Consulting Income. Until March 2020. And there is only one entry that links to my Invoice/Payment register.

That item in my report shows $0.00. When I click on it, it goes to that register, but that entry has an amount.

The checking entry shows up and links to the appropriate account.

Why is it doing this? Better yet, how do I get rid of it?

I've only had the subscription since December 2019. Before that, I had stand-alone software. I'm not surprised I'm having issues. :-(

So, I did a test.

I deleted the category in the Invoice/Payment register. It still shows up in my report but shows the amount. If I deleted the category, then it shouldn't show up in the report. No other entry in that register shows up in the report, only that one entry. I tried to delete it and reenter it manually.

After deleting the category, it now also shows up on the report under Uncategorized Expenses.

When I add the category back into the Invoice/Payment register, it disappears from the Uncategorised Expenses. But the amount turns to $0.00 under the Consulting Income category.

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