Amazon purchases: way to split charge amounts?

When one orders from Amazon, one gets an invoice including: item subtotal and info re shipping, coupons, taxes and reward "points" (i.e. credit). When I enter the original order into my Amazon cc account, I have categories for all lines in the invoice so totals are correct. All is well until they ship. One then gets an invoice with the same Grand Total and ADDITIONAL LINES showing individual credit card transactions created when the goods in the order are shipped at different times. The shipping, coupon, taxes and rewards credits are fixed. The credit card charge amounts vary according to when product is shipped. How can this be handled in Quicken? My latest Amazon invoice has three (3) credit card transactions totaling the original "Item Subtotal".
In a nutshell, credit card charge amounts are VARIABLE and the shipping, coupons, taxes and rewards categories are FIXED. HELP! As a result, credit card account reconciliation is a nightmare.
At present I'm planning on deleting the individual transaction amounts downloaded from the credit card account and marking the original account as cleared.
Suggestions would be appreciated.

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