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Credit card number changed. How do I update on Quicken Mac?

Credit card number changed (same account) for Chase. How do I update so that existing transactions are retained, but new ones downloaded for new Card Number. I have seen answers to this for Quicken Windows but not for Quicken Mac (subscription version 5.15.2)

Seems like this would be a common occurrence but not able to find help!



  • RickORickO SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Normally when the card number changes, the transactions keep on downloading with the same web login credentials. But if they are not, try this:

    First, make sure you have a good backup in case anything goes wrong. Create a new credit card account and link it to Chase. When asked, link it to the new card number. 

    Then, go to the old card Quicken account and select all transactions. Drag and drop them to the new account in the sidebar. The old account will now be empty and can be deleted. In the new account, delete any duplicated transactions and make sure those that are cleared are properly checked in the Clr column. That should do it.
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