Can I print a list of the renaming rules

Can I print a list of the renaming rules

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  • Papanick
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    Thanks Chris. That's too bad. Any idea where Quicken stores that data? I've scoured all the folders in the Windows 10 system and can't seem to find any evidence of it; the data's probably encoded, but if I could find that, I might be able to dig it out, reformat it and generate a report. I've got a lot of rules, I'm trying to clean up. Very tedious trying to do that with Quicken's limited view of them. Thanks again. Nick
  • Chris_QPW
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    The renaming rules are in the data file itself and as such there isn't any way you can view them outside of Quicken.

    And yeah I feel your pain the Renaming rules management is terrible. Probably the worse "list" setup in Quicken. With maybe the exception of the attachments. :'(
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