Year-End Copy Failure

I've used Quicken forever, purchased the Subscription version over a year ago, and renewed this year. I'm running version R25.21, build

Annually, after filing my taxes, I do a File Operations / Year-End Copy to only keep current transactions. It didn't work this year!

I received an error 'Quicken cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application. Please close that application and try again.' After closing everything and rebooting I still receive that message.

My backup file was created successfully and I can open that file. However, I cannot open my 'working' file that should only have this years transactions.


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    Where are you storing your data file?

    Is it on a local drive, and is it not in a "cloud folder"?

    Note the default location for the Quicken data file is in Documents\Quicken, which for most people isn't in a "cloud folder", but if you are using OneDrive to store your personal folders is VERY common that Documents was moved to the OneDrive folder and as such is in a "cloud folder".

    When you are storing your data file in a cloud folder and Quicken briefly closes the data file to do this kind of operation, the "cloud program" and jump in and want to sync your data file. And it will usually lock it and as such Quicken can no longer read and write to it.
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